Block or allow sender on Hotmail

Are you tired of receiving ads or other unwanted emails in your Hotmail inbox, or receiving emails you are waiting for in spam box? There is a way to fix it with the Block or Allow Senders option.

What are Block or Allow options on Hotmail?

Block: When you block a sender, it means that all messages from that sender are automatically deleted without having to browse through the spam.

Allow: When you authorize the sender, this means that all messages from the sender will be received in your inbox.

Attention, to allow is not the opposite to block as on the messenger for example. If you want to unblock or deauthorize the sender, simply remove them from your blocked list or from an authorized list.

To access these options, click in the top right of your inbox in “Options,” then select “More options …”.

Then click on the “Authorized and blocked senders” link.

Now you have the choice between the 3 options, which is the first and third that we care about. To get started, take “Blocked senders”

On this page, we explain to you what it is used to block and you are informed that you can add specific addresses (, but you can also block the entire name domain. Domain is everything after “@” of e-mail address (

Enter each address or domain you want to block and click “Add”.

The sender you added is listed on the right.

This is all it takes to stop the sender. If you want to unblock some, you can do so by selecting them from the list and then clicking on “Delete” and you will be able to get their e-mails back.

It ends for the Senders Block.

To authorize the sender, return to the Allowed and Blocked senders page and click on “Authorized senders.”

You will notice that this page is similar to those blocks.

You just need to do exactly the same thing:

– Add individual addresses or domain names.

– Select the sender and click delete to cancel the authorization.

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