Close your Hotmail account or let it automatically close

We’ve written a lot about how to create an account in Outlook or how to recover an account you can not access for various reasons.

But today, we will issue the issue of the ability to manually close your email account or Microsoft account manually. And we will also notify you when an account Sections are automatically closed from prospects.



Perhaps at some point you decide to close your account, or because you do not need it, because you are using other mail or for any intention. In that case, Microsoft must guarantee two important points, first you must consider that you really want to close the account and not someone else harming you. The second aspect to remember is that when you close it, you will not lose the information that you will need later.

It’s important to keep in mind that when you close your Microsoft account, you automatically lose the ability to access all of your company’s services such as Outlook messages, your Skypre IDs, saved files. In your Onedrive, Xbox data, contacts, and more.

You can close your Microsoft account or your mail at any time if you wish. This process is very simple, you must enter the following link and follow the steps indicated there. You will be asked to sign in again. Double-check that you are selecting the correct account you want to delete.

 Before closing your account, the Microsoft team recommends a series of recommendations, so you can close your Microsoft account quietly.

  • Unsubscribe from the current. It is possible to cancel most registrations, but not all, from the Service and register. For additional subscriptions that do not appear on this page, it will be necessary to have direct access to the service.
  • Remove any existing company or service organization and delete the Azure Active Directory directory. Will not access any of the company services or organizations registered in this account. It will be possible to look at some of these services, but not all, in Azure Portal.
  • Save maintenance records. All HealthVault data will be deleted. Download logs.
  • Use your account’s outstanding balance. The remaining balance of the Microsoft or Xbox gift card may be lost when the account is closed. You can check your account balance here.
  • Use the remaining Skype credit. The remaining Skype credits will be lost when the account is closed. You can check out Skype sign up and credit remaining here.

For specific Outlook cases, it recommends the following:

  • Configure automatic email responses. In the period since the account was closed until the account was officially closed, mailboxes continue to receive emails. We recommend that you create an automated response to alert the sender that the account will be closed and notify them of new contact forms.
  • Disable protection against reset. It would be necessary to disable protection against reset on Windows devices with this enabled function. If protection against reset is not disabled, the device may not be re-used after account closure.

When is an account automatically closed permanently?

To account automatically closed, ie, no user required, basically, the two problems must pass. One is that the Outlook team has closed the account because it is considered a deceptive act made from it or they do not comply with the compliance agreement. Another option is that the account has been closed due to inactivity, that is because a lot of time has passed without the user having to log on to it. The latter is quite common. Many people know that their username and password are correct but they still can not access your email. But they did not consider that the account if you spend a period of 1 (one) year without logging in, automatically entering the final closing process.

The user has the right to close his account when he decides. Once you have completed the entire deletion process, it will enter a waiting process. The account will be automatically marked as closed, but you will have 30 days to restore your account in case you want to. After 30 days, the account will be permanently closed. You must consider that the information you provided and all the information you have in your account will also be deleted.

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