How to create a folder in Outlook 2016 using a rule

Do you regularly receive Hotmail email in Outlook from a specific colleague or client and want to automatically forward those emails to another Inbox folder for easy search? Please read this article to learn how to create email forwarding directories in Outlook 2016 using the rule.

How to create a folder in Outlook 2016 using a rule

Step 1: First, select an email you want to create rule, then in the Home tab, click on Rules

Step 2: Next, in the Rules drop-down menu, select Create Rule …

Step 3: A Create Rule window appears.

Step 4: Select the “From Sender” box and select the “Move the item to folder” box, then click on “Select Folder …” to specify the destination.

Note that if you check the “Sent to: only me” box, the emails that have multiple recipients, (ie, the emails sent to many of them including you) will not be in the generated directory.

Step 5: After clicking on “Select Folder”, another window will appear. From here, select “New …” to create a new folder.

Note: Make sure to save the folder in your inbox by selecting Inbox (it will be blue if it’s selected).

Step 6: Name the new folder, you should name the email sender or whatever you want, then click OK.

Step 7: Finally, a Success window displays a message that successfully created the rule. Check the box and then click OK.

Now, you can create as many rules as you like, to streamline your inbox.

Wish you success!

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