Disable Auto Saving of Sent Emails in Outlook 2016

The interface on Outlook 2016 vs. Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007 has changed, so there are quite a few customizations that are unfamiliar to users. There is custom disable autosave emails sent in Outlook 2016.

Outlook offers the user the option of saving the sent mail, for future reference. And if you want to disable auto-save email sent, just look in the ribbon. However, with version 2016 this option has been moved to another location and you can not find them on the Ribbon. If the user needs to close the saved email sent in Outlook 2016, please refer to the article below.

Step 1:

First open Outlook on your computer and click on File> Options.

Step 2:

In the Outlook Options dialog, users click the Mail tab to access the list of mail settings.

Step 3:

You drag down the Save Messages section to have the option to set the save email sent on Outlook:

  • Automatically save items that are not sent after this many minutes: This option is for emails that are not sent or need long time to be sent. We can also change the time delay for emailing Outlook before saving it.
  • Save forwarded messages: unselect to not save forwarded messages. A copy of the original email will still be available in the inbox. However, in the process of forwarding messages and emails you save as sent messages, we have saved the message twice.
  • Unselected to stop saving emails sent in Outlook 2016. When unchecked, this option will not affect forwarded messages.

To stop saving emails, messages sent in Outlook you uncheck the Save mail of messages in the Sent Items folder, and then click OK to save.

The above is a small trick that helps users easily handle email when using Microsoft Outlook 2016, version with some changes on the interface. If you want to save the email sent, just save the message in the Sent Items folder is.

Hope the above article is useful to you!

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