Discover Outlook with additional plugins – for free

Upgrade missing functionality in Microsoft Outlook and tweak Outlook as per your requirement – with free utilities. We recommend the best Outlook plugins. Plus: A repair tool for Outlook / Office 365.

Microsoft Outlook is the backbone of communications for many home and office users – such as a mail client, for scheduling and managing your contact information. Many users still use older versions of Microsoft Office and Outlook. Why not? For many purposes, Outlook 2010 or 2013 is sufficient. So save money for the new version of Office and instead upgrade to older Outlook with smart / add-on extensions.

The range of features has been impressive by Microsoft Outlook, even you can even with a myriad of add-ons and add-ons that extend significantly and adapt to your needs. Many of the plugins for Outlook are even available for free, in some cases, free addons can only be used for free personal purposes. So, read before using an Outlook plug-in in a professional environment in terms and conditions, whether you can use the desired addon in your particular situation for free.

Want to know what extensions have been installed in your Outlook? No problem: In “File, Options, Add-ons” you will see the Outlook plugins you have installed.

These formats include free add-ons for Outlook

Some addons are provided as an EXE file for download. To install the Outlook addon, launch the EXE as normal with one click and then follow the installation process. After installation, you should look in the Outlook interface for a menu item such as “Options” or “Settings” to optimize the plugin to suit your needs.

Another format for Outlook plug-ins is the simple text format – for example, calendar data can be provided. The easiest way to integrate data in hol format in Outlook is if you copy the relevant hol file to the correct Outlook subdirectory – more about that later. The ics format is also occasionally found in Outlook addons. This is the iCal format, also used to exchange calendar data. ICal / ics data is put into Outlook through the “File, Import, Import iCalendar File” menu.

Outlook addons for free and for a fee

Extensions / Plugins / Addons for Outlook are many, both paid and free. On this and subsequent pages, we present some really free, sometimes very clever plugins for Outlook, making it easier to work with Microsoft Outlook daily and save time. / or even fun.

Do not install Outlook addons

Do not immediately install any free addon you encounter when browsing the Internet. With each addon installed, your Microsoft Outlook will become heavier, sometimes slower and may respond more slowly to data entry. In addition, each plugin is likely that the add-on does not work properly and in the worst case even annoys or prevents the operation of Outlook. So, before you install it, think carefully about whether the Outlook plug-in is really right for you.

Note: Not all Outlook utilities shown here are compatible with Outlook 2013 or Office 365. Please note the manufacturer’s system requirements. But older versions of Outlook can make you stronger with these extensions.

Troubleshoot Outlook: Free Tools from Microsoft

Having problems with Outlook? Your Outlook client can not connect to the Office 365 server, so you can not retrieve the message. In this case, you can use free Microsoft Office 365 Support and Recovery support to start troubleshooting.

So, enough preface, let’s start with the best free compilation plugins for Outlook.

Xing for Outlook

With this very useful Outlook extension (replacing the old Xing Connector), import all of your Xing contacts into Outlook. The advantage is obvious: As soon as there is a change in the data of one of your Xing contacts, the corresponding entry in Outlook is updated. That way, your contacts in Outlook are always up to date, above all, you always have a profile picture in Outlook for every contact – specifically, the Xing configuration.

NoReplyAll Add-In: Prevent incorrect cases

The NoReplyAll add-on eliminates random “all-replies” in the circulars by deactivating the “Reply to Answer” function at the request of the recipient. In addition, it prevents e-mail forwarding. The extension comes from Microsoft and fits into the Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions. Not suitable for Outlook 2016.

Extra tip: NK2Edit improves auto completion

No add-on, but a separate free software program is NK2Edit from NirSoft. If you use Microsoft Outlook and enter the Hotmail email address, it will be saved to autocomplete. The next time you enter the first letters, Outlook will give you suggestions to automatically complete the address. Mail archiving address you can edit NK2Edit 3:05, delete or add new using free tool. With free software, you can edit among other things, address types, actual addresses, display names, search strings and screen types.

Tool for analyzing Office configuration

With the free Office Analysis Analyzer (no add-ons, but a standalone program), you’ll find the reasons for Office and Outlook crash. Even when connecting to Outlook with Office 365 and Exchange, this tool can be a valuable tool even for users who want to solve office problems on their PC or check their configuration without need an administrator. Also suitable for Office 2016!

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