How to reply email in Hotmail Outlook

How to answer an email in Hotmail Outlook.

Of course, the first thing to answer an email is to sign in your Hotmail account. Then, follow these steps:

1. Access your Hotmail Inbox

From the main window, access the email’s Inbox, located in the left sidebar (Folder), in the first position. Click enter.

2. Select the email you want to reply to

The next thing you should do is select the email you want to answer. There are two possibilities to do that:

  • Open mail: To do this, click on the desired email. The email will open, display the content and at the bottom, you will see Reply.┬áThis is when you use Outlook beta, otherwise, you will see Reply in the toolbar above. However, I recommend using Outlook beta because of the benefits it brings.

3. Reply, Reply All, or Resubmit

Note: To open the drop-down menu option, you must click the arrow to the right of Reply

  • Answer: When you click Reply, you will reply to the email to the primary sender of the email. That is to say, although in the letter you have more people in the copy, you will only reply to the people who sent it. The object will be added RE :, which is the answer.
  • Reply all: By clicking Reply All, your answer will be passed to all the people included in the email. Be careful, because sometimes you do not want people to read your answer. The object will be added RE :, which is the answer
  • Resubmit: By clicking Resubmit, you can redirect the message to anyone you want. You just need to add the recipient you want.

4. Send

Once you’re sure both your message and the email recipient are correct, you can simply click Send.

Finish! You reply to an email in Hotmail

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