Forgot your Hotmail password? We show you how to Reset

We will look at how to reset Hotmail password. Keep in mind that when we talk about Outlook, we’re referring to the Hotmail mailbox that is now called Outlook Mail.


Today we have to remember many addresses and passwords, especially if we use some email, social networking and we are users of online sites and services that require registration. Therefore, you can forget the password of an email.

Recovering passwords is simple if we update our contact information. With contact information, we’re referring to alternate phone numbers and emails that we have to provide when creating a new account.

If we forget what our contact information is then the recovery of the password may be more complicated but we can still reset it. In this case, we have to fill out a form with data and information from our email that we can remember.

How to reset Hotmail password

To get started, go to

Then we have to answer the question: Why can’t you sign in?

In this case, we must mark the first option: I forgot my password. Then click Next.

Another page will be displayed to us, where we will have to indicate which email we want to enter and then we will write the characters that appear in the captcha image. To continue click Next.

Now we have to check our identity. Here it will be necessary to remember our contact information. As we will see, Outlook will show us the first letters of the replacement email or the first phone number we entered when we opened our account (in case we provided this information when registering).

If we remember our contact information, we have to write it in the corresponding field and then hit Send Code. We then have to enter a replacement email or check our phone to verify that we’ve submitted the code. When we have the code, we will write it into the corresponding field and then we will click Next.

Now we can reset our password. For a security issue Outlook does not return a password we have lost but it gives us the ability to create a new password. So we have to write the new password in the first field and repeat it in the second field. Outlook allows you to create passwords in uppercase and lowercase, they must be more than 8 characters and combine numbers and letters.

To finish, click Next. Another window will open that will let you know that you can enter your email, click Next and then enter your email with your new password.

How to reset Outlook password if we lose contact information?

If you do not remember or can not access the phone or an alternate email that you set as contact information, you must follow the same steps indicated in the first image. This means, enter, write your mail, indicating that you can not access your account, check the option I forgot my password, enter your email again and decode the captcha. (including letters and numbers to prove that no you are a bot)

Then, as you do not remember your contact information, you need to make a choice. I do not have any tests, then click Next.

Another window opens, where you have to specify the account you want to import and provide another email address that you can enter for Outlook to contact you. If you do not have another email, you can create a new email (how to create a new email) or ask someone to reliably lend your account.

Outlook will send a code to the account you have set as your contact form. You must enter this account, copy the code and paste it into the specified field, then click Test.

If you follow the correct steps Outlook will show you a form to recover your password. In this form, you must provide information about the account you want to import and some information. It is not necessary that you fill in all the fields. For example, in our case, we only give the first and last name and date of birth and the two words included in the issue of the last letter we sent.

Remember that when you equip your account, you can put your real name or a fictitious name. In our case, the account is, in the name we put Mail and in them is Example.

The same thing happened with the date of birth, perhaps at the time you pointed out a date and now you do not remember it. The question is whether you should fill in these fields as they are required. If you do not remember clearly any information, do not write, just give information you remember for sure.

When you fill out some of the fields of the form, click Submit. Outlook will send a message to the email you are using as your contact within the next 48 hours. In our case, it only takes a few minutes, if the notification does not arrive, wait at least 48 hours before performing the new recovery process.

If you get accurate, the account will be verified. You must now enter the link in the message body to reset your password. It will send you to a page where you have to write a new password in the first field and repeat it in the second. Remember that passwords must be more than 8 characters inclusive of letters (upper and lower case if you want) and number.

 When you edit your new password, click Next, you will be shown another window where it will be confirmed that you have reset your password, also click Next.

To verify that you’ve done the right thing, try entering your email with your new password.

This is the last section of our guide on how to recover or reset an Outlook password. If you still have any questions, feel free to write us a comment and we will help you.

If you think this information can be useful to a friend, do not forget to share it, thank you.

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