How to send Hotmail Outlook email

You have a Hotmail or Outlook account, but you do not know how to send email to others. So let’s see how to send an Email in Hotmail.

The correct steps to send a new Hotmail (Outlook) email:

1. Log in to your account

If you do not know how to sign in a Hotmail account, check out this article.

After logging in, to write a new email, click New message.

In the next screen, you will see the top bar display the new functionality.

2. Add recipients

The next step is to choose the recipient of your message. This section does not have any complications.

On the left side of the screen, you will see the To field. This is where you should write the email address (es) you want to send your message to.

If you like, you can add contacts that you already have in your calendar. Just start typing and autocomplete will suggest the name of your contact list.

3. Add a subject

Once you’ve picked the recipient, it’s time to write a story. In email, it is important to always add a subject so that your email recipient can easily recognize it. Place the cursor where it says Add subject, below the top bar.

4. Write your message and format it

The body of the email is the part that holds the most important part of your message. To start writing, just place your cursor over the area Write Write message here and start writing. allows you to enter bold, italic, underline, add emoticons and adjust text alignments, as well as change the font size and color.

All of these options are available in the format bar, located just above where you are writing your email.

5. Attach the file to your email

With, you can add files to your email. To do so, it’s as simple as clicking Attach.

6. Last step before submitting

There are few fruits. In the bar on the same number of options:

Send: Click here to send the email.

Save: Click here to save the email you are writing in the Drafts folder.

Discard: Click here to delete everything you wrote and return to the Inbox.

Ready! You just sent your e-mail with Hotmail!

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