How to set up a POP server for Hotmail/ account

Looking for POP3 server settings for to add account to another email client that supports POP or IMAP? This article will walk you through setting up a POP server for your account. With POP, you can download messages from your account to the selected email device or application.

Enable POP access in Hotmail/

POP access is disabled by default on, so it’s important to turn it on first.

  • Go to the Settings menu.

  • Select Options.
  • Select POP and IMAP.
  • In the POP option, select Yes to allow devices and applications to use POP.
  • Select Save at the top.

Note, with the option of enabling this option, you can choose to allow devices and applications to delete messages from Outlook. If this is not allowed, the messages will be moved to a special POP folder. You will then manage the messages from to delete them.

If there is an old mailbox titled, not Outlook Mail, select Options> Manage your account> Connect devices and apps with POP. Then, in POP, select Enable and Save.

Install the POP server for

Perform a POP server installation for to download new mail to the email, mobile, or mobile device using the following settings:

  • POP server address
  • POP username: Your full email address (not an email alias)
  • POP Password: your password
  • POP Port: 995
  • Encryption method POP SSL
  • Require TLS / SSL encryption: Yes

Install the IMAP server for

  • Note, users can also set up using IMAP instead of POP.
  • The IMAP com server name:
  • IMAP port: 993
  • IMAP encryption method SSL
  • See also: POP and IMAP discrimination

Install to send emails

  • To send a message using your account from an email program, see How to set up an SMTP server to send email to for more information.
  • SMTP server name:
  • SMTP Gateway: 587
  • SMTP Encryption Method: TLS

Troubleshoot email server setup

Although mobile devices and email applications have become more user-friendly to access email accounts, there may still be a problem during the setup process. Carefully check your POP, IMAP, and SMTP settings. In the case of POP servers, dashes and dots in the server address are easy to mistake or ignore. The port number is also important and may have to change from a default port number to an exact port number for

It may also be the case that changes these settings, checks your current settings from Microsoft Office support, or uses the Settings menu on to find the updated settings.

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